Toyoda Gosei UK - Charity of the year

We were voted charity of the year for 2020 at Toyoda Gosei UK Ltd in Rotherham.

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions most fundraising initiatives had to be cancelled. However, following an improvement project to reduce muda (waste), Toyoda Gosei UK raised £1,458 for us.

The project relied of cross foundational support to identify, sort and segregate redundant tools. Not only has this improved operational efficiency, it also supported the local community through Create A Dream Foundation. Thank you to all members who were directly involved with this project.

A special thank you to Hiroyuki Oda, Vice President and Rob Lowe, General Manager for donating the funds raised to our charity.

Thank you also to Toyoda Gosei UK employees for voting for us and for the direct support you have shown.

We're delighted that Toyoda Gosei UK have decided to keep us as their charity of the year for 2021. We look forward to sharing the fundraising initiatives.